Pottery by Dry Creek Design

Pottery by Dry Creek Design

Do you Recognize This Space?

We are in the experimental stages and loving every minute. Garrett willingly gave up his woodshop so we could have more room. We moved into the warehouse space and have the needed breathing room necessary for growth. 

We wanted to show some of the before and after photos of some of the fun pottery Beth is making. There is a learning curve for sure but it has brought a new creative outlet for her. She is loving it

Before Glaze


Super Cute!

Even the glazing portion is experimental and is lesson in chemistry. Mixing glazes are not like mixing paints together to get a certain color. This is why Beth kept it simple with turquoise and white glossy glaze. 

Wouldn't a yummy sandwich look great on this plate. Oh....what about a soup cup...the possibilities are endless. Can't wait for you to see what Beth comes up with for a soup cup. Stay tuned!

There's More

This handcrafted mug was created by using the slab method of clay building. It is shown here before it was fired with white glaze.



Kristy and Leslie have been amazing teachers and have help Beth get started with this process. THANK YOU LADIES!!!
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