Ponderosa Pine Cone Door Stop (Small) - Rustic Pinecone Doorstop

Ponderosa pine cone doorstop
Ponderosa Door Stop (Small) - Basic | Timber Bronze | Oregon
Ponderosa pine cone doorstop
Ponderosa pine cone doorstop

Ponderosa Pine Cone Door Stop (Small)

timber bronze 53, llc
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This beautiful, fully open, small, solid bronze Ponderosa pine cone is cast on a short pine branch and secured to the wall with a bronze branch, sporting a tiny, fully open Lodgepole pine cone. The stop is a half cone, flat on the back side to mount flush against a flat wall surface. Supplied with a black tip.

All of our doorstops are handcrafted using solid bronze, utilizing the lost wax process to develop our pieces. As a result, they are not perfectly uniform; the shape and surface texture may vary a bit from piece to piece, and the exact size and placement of highlights may also vary. Each piece is provided with screws for mounting.


  • Height 3-1/8", Width 2-7/8", Depth 3-3/8"
  • Standard production lead time: 5 to 6 weeks if not in stock.
  • The shipping is on us.
  • For customization or modifications that differ from the information shown here, please contact garrett@timberbronze.com. All Custom orders on Timber Bronze items are final sale.