Easy and Impactful Ways to Refresh Your Living Space

Easy and Impactful Ways to Refresh Your Living Space

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Easy and Impactful Ways to Refresh Your Living Space


The home should be a place where we can go to relax, rejuvenate, and escape the stressors of everyday life. Unfortunately, the state of our homes can also negatively influence our behavior, mood, and overall health. A cluttered, disorganized, or unclean living space can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression. On the other hand, a clean, organized, and inviting space can promote creativity, relaxation, and better physical well-being. Let’s explore some practical steps you can take to create a living space that helps you feel your best, courtesy of Timber Bronze 53.


Set Up Your Home Office


If you plan on working from home, it’s a good idea to take the time to set up a productive workspace. Make sure you utilize as much natural light as possible. Also, include an ergonomic office chair for comfort. In terms of which room you decide to use, you could make your new office out of a spare bedroom, the basement, or even the garage.


Introduce Aromatherapy into Your Home


Incorporating aromatherapy into your home is a great way to support your whole-body health. Happiful.com explains that aromatherapy works by tapping into the limbic system, the part of the brain involved in emotions, memories, and behavior. As a result, essential oils can relieve stress, lift your mood, and promote relaxation. A simple way to try essential oils at home is through the use of natural essential oil candles.


Declutter and Digitize Your Documents


Household clutter is a common cause of everyday stress. Even if you don’t notice it, clutter can drain your mental resources, triggering feelings of stress and limiting your ability to concentrate. Decluttering is one of the best things you can do to make your home a healthier space!


As you work on decluttering, consider digitizing your paper documents to minimize the amount of paper clutter in your home. Just scan your papers and upload them to a cloud storage service so you can access them anywhere. Later, if you want to merge multiple files, there are tools to help; check this out and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to stay organized!


Rearrange Your Furniture


Rearranging your furniture is a great way to transform your living space without spending money on new pieces. According to Etch Design Group, even small changes like moving a chair from one area of the room to another can do wonders to reinvigorate your space. Consider following a few basic principles when rearranging your furniture to ensure your rooms feel balanced and welcoming. For example, try to maintain at least three feet of walking room between pieces, and don’t be afraid to pull your furniture out from the wall. Even in small rooms, this breathing room can create the illusion of an airier space.


Change Your Lighting


How you light your home can have a significant impact on the look and feel of the space. Think about lighting each room with layered lighting at different heights, including standing lamps, pendant lamps, and statement table lamps. Swapping out light fixtures is a home improvement project that many homeowners feel comfortable tackling themselves. However, you should always hire a professional electrician if you want to add lighting to areas with no existing wiring.


Purchase Some Plants


Plants can bring several mental and physical health benefits into your home. Studies show that houseplants can reduce stress levels, sharpen attention, and help speed recovery from illness. And if you have enough plants in your home, they can even improve your indoor air quality! Consider light conditions, watering needs, humidity, and size when choosing plants for your home. If you have pets, be sure to choose pet-friendly houseplants that won’t harm your furry friends.


Refreshing your living space doesn’t have to mean major renovations and expensive decor. With some simple changes, such as digitizing your paper clutter, upgrading your lighting, adding plants, and rearranging your furniture, you can transform the atmosphere in your home. These steps will help you turn your home into a sanctuary where you can relax and thrive!


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