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Artisan Wood Serving Board

Artisan Wood Serving Board

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Reclaimed wood is used to make our artisan wood serving board. The wood is bought from Jensen Hardwoods, Walla Walla, Washington. They harvest trees that have already fallen or have died. The species may change from time to time depending on supply. 

Meet the Maker

This serving board was made by Beth's dad, a dryland farmer/polled Hereford cattleman. From the need for a new bread board, he lovingly made his sweetheart one from a pattern she created. He enjoyed making the bread board so much that all of his children and many friends benefited from his new craft. If you would like one of his creations he would be happy to make you one. 

Ships in 2-6 business days depending on inventory. 

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Solid Wood slabs




Large:  14 1/2" L X 8 1/2" W X 3/4" D

Small:  17 1/2" L X 3 1/2" W X 3/4" D

Care Instructions

Gently scrub your board with a sponge and hot, soapy water (we recommend using a mild dish soap.). It's important to wash both sides of the board (even if you chopped on only one side) to prevent it from drying unevenly, which could cause the board to warp.

Cutting board oil is essential to keep your wooden cutting board from absorbing moisture and cracking or splintering. If you choose the wrong cutting board oil, such as olive oil, vegetable oil, or regular coconut oil, it could go rancid on your board. You should clean and dry your board thoroughly before oiling, then oil it at a time when you can leave it to soak overnight.

You should use a food safe oil that won't go rancid, such as a mineral oil or a combination of mineral oil/beeswax product. There are many on the market made for your wood cutting or serving boards.

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Ships in 2-6 business days depending on inventory. 

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