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Hand Crafted Bronze Home Accessories

Do you want to bring more of the outdoors in? Our art is created from real items found in nature. Search Timber Bronze for quality handcrafted items like doorbells, cabinet knobs, pulls, handles, and much more....

All of our bronze products are handcrafted using solid bronze, utilizing the lost wax process to develop our pieces. As a result, they are not perfectly uniform; the shape and surface texture may vary a bit from piece to piece, and the exact size and placement of highlights may also vary.

Because our items are made to order we would like you to know that if the item you want is not in stock it will take 5-6 weeks for delivery.

Pinion Pine Cones

Large Pinion Cone

This large, fully open Pinyon pine cone has been drilled and tapped for use as a cabinet knob; it can also be used as a lamp finial or just as a decorative cone to sit on your desk or bookcase.

Medium Pinion Cone

This mid-size, fully open Pinion pine cone has been drilled and tapped for use as a cabinet knob; and like the large pinion cone it can be used as a lamp finial.

Small Pinion Cone

This fully open Pinyon cone is very versatile and can be used as a finial for lamps, or drapery rods, or it can be used as a cabinetry knob. The possibilities are endless

Large & Small Pinion Cones


Custom Appliance Handles

"My wife and I were looking for rustic cabinet hardware for our cabin kitchen remodel but had a difficult time finding something that was high enough quality until we found Timber Bronze. Garrett and his team created beautiful, detailed, unique, handcrafted pieces that truly brought the final look of the kitchen to the next level. Each piece was individually crafted and the quality is evident in the weight and detailing. We were also very impressed with the level of communication throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. If you’re looking for a way to elevate any piece of cabinetry or furniture, these pulls will absolutely add a touch of class and beauty."


This product is so well made and the customer service from Garrett is that old fashion kind. The kind where people care! I feel pleased to have this fine doorbell be the first thing my guests see as they approach the door! Definitely would use this company again!!!


Pig Doorbell

More beautiful in person. Exceptionally well made and looks great.


Slim Classic Doorbell

This is my second order, this product and company are fantastic. Thank you!

Willow Branch Refrigerator Handles

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