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Guest of the Month

Meet Abby from Craftability. "I’ve always been crafty, impressing my classmates and teachers with the best school project posters, creating my own Halloween costumes, and using my calligraphy skills to make some extra cash in college. I have a knack for seeing something and being able to replicate it, plus I always enjoy a challenge. Fast forward to the present and I’m still crafty as ever and putting my craftability to good use. I hope this site will inspire you to do the same!"

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Strategies for Unlocking Your Creative Potential as an Artist


Are you looking for ways to enhance the experience of creating art? Here, we explore a few simple strategies that can help you unlock your creative potential! From setting up a dedicated art space in your home to experimenting with new materials, these tips from Timber Bronze 53 will help you take your creative process to new levels.


Dedicate Space in Your Home for Art explains that setting up a dedicated space in your home for creating art can help you avoid distractions, keep your supplies organized, and take your passion more seriously. Make sure this space feels calm and relaxing. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free space is a great way to keep the good energy flowing!


Experiment with New Materials and Techniques


Experimenting with different art techniques is a great way to strengthen your creative muscles. For example, painters can play around with underpainting, blocking in, building texture, dry brushing, glazing, and painting with different mediums. If you’re a musician, try experimenting with different music genres or instruments.


Take Regular Breaks


The creative process can be surprisingly demanding. Taking regular breaks away from your art is a chance to renew your capacity to focus and come back to your art with a fresh set of eyes. suggests picking one day per week that is always a day off from creating.


Another way to take a break is to head out for a brisk walk, whether that’s around the block or a nearby park. Getting out in the fresh air while exercising is a great way to break up the day and come back rejuvenated and refocused. Better yet, if you happen to live in a neighborhood or city with a high Walk Score, which measures the walkability of an area, getting in those extra steps is made even more convenient.


Have a Pet Partner


Animals have a way of sparking productivity in creatives, so, if you don’t have a pet already, consider adopting one. Not only will they offer companionship and comfort, but your creativity will get a nice boost from the sense of confidence and playfulness they bring to the living and working space. Be sure they have plenty of opportunities to play and stay preoccupied as you get down to work – chew toys for dogs are great, as are cat trees for the kitties.


Collaborate with Other Artists


Many well-known artists attribute their success to collaboration. Working on artistic projects with other creatives can help you develop new and innovative ideas and even improve your skills. Find someone who is excited about your idea and seems to share a similar wavelength with you. Often, finding the right collaborator comes down to a gut feeling!


Form an LLC


Many artists don't like getting bogged down by paperwork. If you're just getting started, you can easily and quickly tend to the legalities of your business by using a formation service to structure your venture as an entity like an LLC. An LLC is a particularly popular option, as it offers limited liability, certain tax advantages over other business types like a partnership, and less required paperwork. Requirements vary depending on your state, so check to see what it takes to form an LLC in Oregon before proceeding.


As an artist, unlocking your creative potential is an ongoing journey. By setting up a dedicated art space in your home, experimenting with new techniques, collaborating with other artists, and taking regular breaks, you can tap into your imagination and elevate your creative process!



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