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I can't believe 3 weeks have gone by....

I REALLY can't believe that 3 weeks have gone by since we posted last. I guess it's because we just put our heads down and went to work. We actually now have a time frame on when these projects need to be at least clean enough that people can tour them. We have until the end of June 2021. Wish us luck!

There's good news and bad news about the warehouse. While probing around under some piles of refuse, we found a couple of gas and diesel dispensers. Rumor has it that one of them was actually in use outside of the warehouse on the southwest corner of the property at one time. We're still looking for pictures to confirm that. How cool are these?

Now for the bad news....I got to snooping around wondering what was behind door number 2. You know...underneath the building...where one should NEVER go. We have to get underneath in order to jack parts of the floor back up where they belong. And look what we found....

4 bays full of used tires. This middle section, a section on the right and two sections on the left. I started pulling them out and got the two bays on the right done, only to find out that my phone had died so I couldn't take a picture. But I'll include those in the next blog. The tires extend back over half of the length of the building itself. 

It's not all bad news, though. It has been a great workout and further back, towards the light, is either the tomb of Ramses or Seti the First. Everyone thinks they are in Egypt but they're actually here. King Tut's tomb is at the top of the elevator. You wouldn't believe what's back there. Old iron wheels that were used with conveyor belts, wooden chutes for grain, wooden boxes, and a couple of low hanging boards that I have hit my head on on the way in and out. I'll document items as we bring them out in to the light and then post the pictures here. It'll be about a week before I can get back in there. I always knew I should have studied archeology in college....


Well, as always, thanks for your interest and we'll see you next time! Have a great week!




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