Warehouse & Office Space

Warehouse & Office Space

TB is growing and expanding and we are so excited about the possibilities. So first things first, clean it up. Here are the before photos.

This used to be the office of Wallowa Co. Grain Growers back in my childhood days. Good times!

Finding interesting walls and structure like the green shiplap wall. Not sure how to save the awesome little ads on how  mineral salt is good for a cows. Unfortunately we couldn't save the windows, we put in a new one. We will make it look good, don't worry.  

Now there will be a man door entrance so we don't have to struggle pulling back the 8' X 8' slider every time we need to go into the office. 




Plan View





We eventually want the warehouse to look like the draft below, we shall see, we change our minds a lot! There may also be window and door changes because we may want to lease out this space for events. Stay tuned! 
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