Handcrafted Bronze Home Decor

Each TB53 piece is created by hand from start to finish using solid bronze, utilizing the lost wax process. As a result, they are not perfectly uniform; the shape and surface texture may vary a bit from piece to piece, and the exact size and placement of highlights may also vary. Great care is taken to give each item a soft silky feel to the touch while the patina finish gives depth, dimension, and interest.

hooks - drapery post

hooks - drapery post

All of TB53 hooks can also be used as Drapery Posts. The... 



All of our doorbells are handcrafted using solid bronze, utilizing the lost... 

Introduction to Grain Elevatior

Click on the button to watch a short video as Garrett shows you around the elevator a bit and explains the function of some of the items he has found while cleaning up.

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We believe in quality, timelessness, and beautiful craftsmanship.

  • Slim Classic Doorbell. "This is my second order, this product and company are fantastic. Thank you!" -Theresa

  • "My wife and I were looking for rustic cabinet hardware for our cabin kitchen remodel but had a difficult time finding something that was high enough quality until we found Timber Bronze. Garrett and his team created beautiful, detailed, unique, handcrafted pieces that truly brought the final look of the kitchen to the next level..... " -Ryan

  • "This product is so well made and the customer service from Garrett is that old fashion kind. The kind where people care! I feel pleased to have this fine doorbell be the first thing my guests see as they approach the door! Definitely would use this company again!!!," -Janloveyoga

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Here we go.....Timber Bronze wants to introduce Dry Creek Design creations. DCD started a few years before TB53 as a way to create new items from old stuff, or refresh something old and make it look new again. Our motto is, Reuse-Repurpose-Restore. Dry Creek Design is a sister company to Timber Bronze 53 and will be adding more items to this part of the store when they become available. We are expanding products lines and believe it will be a great fit to TB53. We can't wait to show you what we create!