Hi Garrett,

The cone is doing well. I've attached 2 photos from the other day.

-Best, John-


Dear Garrett —

Your beautiful knobs are being put to good use — though I must admit that I haven’t made the basket that the acorn knob will adorn. I would like to order one more acorn and one more pinecone knob…there’s no rush at all!!

We will be in your neck of the woods at the end of the month to attend a wedding. The pinecone knob will be going back on the basket I made for the bride and groom.


 -Be well, LIBBY-



Our knobs still look amazing, and still get many, many compliments!

The cabinet maker said that the morels were the best knobs he's ever seen in a kitchen. And I have shared your website with friends.





Garrett - you make the best and most unique products available and you have been very generous with me.Please find details for the pine cones with a “basic“ finish. Thanks for your willingness to give them a “traditional” finish.

I’ve received the cones and I like them so much more now with the traditional finish you’ve given them. You’ll see them here among other Timber Bronze cones and some other collectibles on the fireplace mantle. They were the proverbial odd men out and now they are a good match with the others.


Hope all is well with you!



Hi Garrett,

I have received and installed the door bell you sent me.  It is very beautiful and I love it.



Dear Garrett,

I trust your judgement re the patina. We have a funny midcentury home that has an unfinished redwood exterior. I thought that an unfinished bronze would match the aesthetic, with a patina that changes with time and weather. It will certainly be better than the cheap plastic number that someone added in the late 1970’s (which ripped off in the storm!)

I couldn’t find a lot of options for a beautifully crafted, simple bronze doorbells. Some google searching led me to your page, though, and I thought the one I chose was particularly handsome.

Thanks very much!



Hi Garrett..thank you for this message! And yes, I got the 4(I had one I had ordered from you before, so I had a total of 5). My contractor put all 5 on. They are perfect..and I am just waiting for the other 49!!!! The handles look amazing with your pinecone finials..just saying!!!



Hi Garrett:

Passing this along to you.....

Hello Joseph,

Our acorn doorbell arrived today. It’s gorgeous. Such good quality and very well made. Nice touch that it’s personalized and signed by Garrett. He also enclosed installing instructions. Please pass along my compliments.

Thank you for coordinating the shipping.

Brenda Moreira




Garrett -


That is so sweet of you to engrave it, thank you!  Looks amazing and our clients will love it.  Thank you!  Happy Thanksgiving!



Hi Garrett,

Thanks so much for checking in!

We finished the main construction this time last year. What was supposed to take 4 months, turned out to be nearly x3 times longer. We love your work. It blends seamlessly into our decor and adds a simple elegance. We’ve installed them in 3 places. Below are some pictures. Let me know what you think!

-drawer pulls on a console in the living room
-towel hooks and toilet paper holder in the bathroom
-hooks in the master bedroom
As far as feedback:
-The color is perfect… and shows no wear.
-the bathroom items installed easily because I remembered to install horizontal framing in between the vertical studs.
-In the bedroom I added a small board because the studs didn’t line up. I think it looks good.
-love the pine cone screw covers on the toilet paper holder!
-the towel hooks are perfect. Truly. Wouldn’t change any of the proportions.

Thanks again for the follow up and awesome product. They bring me joy every time I use them.

  -Kind regards, Andrew-



Hi Garrett,

Appreciate that you are checking up on business.....true customer service is a rare find these days!  Our doorbell is holding up just fine - no problems to date.  The design has received several compliments over the certainly fits the area.



The White Pine finial always gets noticed by guests in our home. We and all others like it. Never seen anything else that compares.

-Best regards, Alan-

Small Vertical Lodgepole Cone Knob 

They are little jewels!  They add movement and light to the kitchen!  They are perfect! Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts.



Custom Appliance Handles

"My wife and I were looking for rustic cabinet hardware for our cabin kitchen remodel but had a difficult time finding something that was high enough quality until we found Timber Bronze. Garrett and his team created beautiful, detailed, unique, handcrafted pieces that truly brought the final look of the kitchen to the next level. Each piece was individually crafted and the quality is evident in the weight and detailing. We were also very impressed with the level of communication throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. If you’re looking for a way to elevate any piece of cabinetry or furniture, these pulls will absolutely add a touch of class and beauty."



"This product is so well made and the customer service from Garrett is that old fashion kind. The kind where people care! I feel pleased to have this fine doorbell be the first thing my guests see as they approach the door! Definitely would use this company again!!!"



Pig Doorbell

"More beautiful in person. Exceptionally well made and looks great."




 Slim Classic Doorbell

"This is my second order, this product and company are fantastic. Thank you!"


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