How to Pronounce Wallowa

How to Pronounce Wallowa

A lot of you may be thinking, where in the world is Wallowa? Not only that, but how do you even pronounce it? Well, fear not because I’m here to help you out! When I was a kid, I pronounced it La-wow-a for a few years, so don’t worry if you get it wrong the first time because many do. If you want to make a good impression on people anywhere you visit, it’s good to at least know the name of where you’re going. In this video, Beth’s Aunt, Mary Ann Burrows (Wallowa’s historian) tells us that Wallowa is a Nez Perce word meaning fish trap.

Click on the picture of Wallowa Lake below to see how she pronounces it.

Wallowa (Wah-lau-wa) is an hour North-East from La Grande, Oregon. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived! It’s in a valley surrounded by mountains, so you can find green scenery and beautiful sunsets all-year round. Although the best time to visit is usually summertime. With long backpacking hikes and Wallowa Lake’s gorgeous glacier water, you can’t help but visit this amazing Jem. Even if you don’t hike or swim the views and small-town charm will entice you to return again and again. 


Why Wallowa? When Beth was a McCrae, she grew up in Wallowa and when she and Garrett married, they longed to go back there to live. After their youngest graduated high school (that's me), they found a way to make their dream of moving back home a reality. Timber Bronze caught Garrett’s eye immediately because of the beautifully handcrafted, unique, process and products that Timber Bronze provides its customers. When the buying opportunity came, they were ready to jump into a new business venture that started in Wallowa County. 

This week’s features are the cougar products because Wallowa’s mascot is the Cougars.


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