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Let's try this "newsletter" thing again.....

Hello everyone,

We had to start over with our "blog" and "newsletter". We had another site that was supposed to house the blog and then send it out to everyone, but we found that even we, the ones who were writing it, couldn't find it. So, we're going to start over showing pictures and walking you through the struggles and joys of taking on a project like this here, on our newsletter site. Pray for us....

The three buildings that you see in the picture below are the ones that we purchased. We are thinking of calling the complex "the Wallowa Station", which makes reference to bringing the Wallowa Union Railroad back to Wallowa and using the elevator itself as the train depot.

As you can see, they are all in need of repair but that's ok. We were tired of watching old historic buildings like these decay and come down so we decided to do something about it.



I'm going to try to handle these "newsletter" or "blog" posts in phases so it makes more sense to you, the reader. So I'll start with the improvements we are making to the warehouse which is the green building on the left in the above picture.

Below is a picture of the two original buildings, the warehouse and the elevator. 

Also included below are a couple of pictures of the interior of the warehouse. The building itself is roughly 3,500 sq ft but we won't know for sure until we can run a tape from one end to the other and from side to side. When I first opened the doors, you LITERALLY could not walk across the floor from one point to another without climbing over 60+ years worth of junk that had been just tossed in. No pathway, no way to make it through. And let's not talk about the pigeons which had made it their sanctuary. Both photos were taken from the center of the warehouse from the sliding door nearest the train tracks with one pointing to the east and the other to the west. Let's just say that we still have work to do but at least you can now walk from one end of the warehouse to the other without having to step on or over something. 

This should at least whet your appetite for what we're trying to accomplish. What you don't see are all of the tires that fill up the entire space underneath this building, which I have to have cleaned out within about two weeks from now....I'll send more pictures after I take stock of the mess early next week!

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