The Fir Cone Tradition

The Fir Cone Tradition

In this story the fir cone is more than just an object. It has meaning and purpose to some that they hold dear. We want to share a story with you.


The Fir Cone Tradition
The Fir Cone Tradition started with a simple act of affection by Jack, the patriarch of our family.  It all began because we had a huge Douglas Fir tree in the side yard of our childhood home in Eugene, Oregon.  And the Douglas Fir is considered one of the great symbols of its native habitat, the Pacific Northwest.  This tree also had special meaning since our family had made its livelihood in the lumber business.  Anyway, whenever a family member came to Eugene for a visit, Dad (Jack) would always secretly slip a dried fir cone into their luggage …  always to be discovered when bags were unpacked at the end of the trip.  This was his way of quietly and discreetly telling recipients that he loved them, was praying for them, was always available when called upon.  This simple act of affection quickly became popular among family and friends.  One family member even created a little calling card to attach to the cone, stating “Jack’s Cones for every occasion!”  Our family also acquired beautiful bronze castings of the fir cone (from Timber Bronze 53, LLC in Wallowa, Oregon ... near The Wallowa National Forest) for gifts and a more permanent keepsake.  So if you possess one of these fir cones, either natural or bronze, please place it in a viewable space as a reminder that we love you, are praying for you, and consider you as a treasured member of our family. 
Blessings,  Lieutenant Colonel Dale Conner, U.S. Army Retired
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Treasuring the memories of all the pine cones I carried home through the years, and love my bronze memento. Thanks, Dale . Love and hugs. ❤️


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