Aspen Branch Handle - Traditional | Timber Bronze | Oregon
Aspen Branch Handle
Aspen Branch Handle (1) | Timber Bronze | Oregon
Aspen Branch Handle - Basic | Timber Bronze | Oregon

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Aspen Branch Handle

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This solid bronze Aspen branch handle has all the knots and bends of the original branch, but is very comfortable to grasp. The holes are approximately six inches on centers, making it suitable for larger cabinet drawers and doors. 5 TO 6 WEEK LEAD TIME IF NOT IN STOCK PLUS SHIPPING


All of our knobs, pulls, and handles are handcrafted; we do not sand cast them or produce them with machines. As a result, they are not perfectly uniform; the shape and surface texture may vary a bit from piece to piece, and the exact size and placement of highlights may also vary. Each piece is provided with screws for mounting.

Overall Length 8", Depth 1-1/2"

Weight 0.6 lbs